• Retention & Retirement

    Security in retirement is an appealing enticement to senior executives that an organization wishes to retain or recruit. By establishing a Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan 457(f) (SERP) for selected executives, D. Hilton Associates can help credit unions and banks secure a strong senior management team.

  • Executive Recruiting

    Today’s changing and increasingly complex financial services marketplace requires the best and brightest talent to ensure future success. That’s why banks and credit unions of all sizes have turned to D. Hilton Associates’ executive recruiting practice for unparalleled commitment, experience and care in the recruitment of their most critical employees.

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“We rely heavily on D. Hilton, and John Andrews is just an unbelievable resource for us, you can call John anytime and he can chime in and if he doesn’t know the answer he can get it for you.” 

Jack Wilster, Board Member

Seven Seventeen Credit Union ($830M)

“We use D. Hilton for our variable pay program. John Andrews and Jordan Westra do an excellent job and I just can’t say enough great things about them.” 

Larry Skinner, Board Chairperson

Texas Trust Credit Union ($945M)

“The two major services that we’ve used are the CEO compensation that has taken us leaps and bounds into the future and keeps us current and competitive with a CEO we treasure. They’ve also been very active and helpful in helping us develop a long-term SERP plan for our CEO.” 

Virginia Panossian, Board Member

Wescom Credit Union ($3.4B)

“Debbie keeps us informed and provides the information we really do need, the information to make a decision.”  

Raymond White - Board Chairperson

FreeStar Financial Credit Union ($190M)

“We value the contacts that they have within the industry and the knowledge and process they have especially with recruiting. They’re very methodical and they have a system in place that has been tried and true over twenty plus years. As long as you follow the method and the process and the systems that they recommend, every time we’ve done it we’ve ended up with a great candidate.”  

Bobby Michael - CEO

All In Federal Credit Union ($1.4B)

“There were two things that I think about with D. Hilton. They really took the time to get to know the organization so they could find the right fit for the person for the organization by really focusing on the culture side of things. Then being a candidate on the other side, they were very respectful of my time, they kept me informed through the whole process. It felt like a small family business that really cares about the person and the organization.”  

Rob Werner - CEO

Ardent Credit Union ($630M)

“They’re really a full service provider of services to the credit union industry. We’re in an industry of constant change and we’ve really had to transform our credit union over the last several years in order to not only keep up and adapt with that change, but take advantage of opportunities that  change presents. D. Hilton has been a great partner for us through that process, providing services to really take advantage of these opportunities.”  

Bill Crane - Chief Administration Officer/General Counsel

CFCU Community Credit Union ($1B)

“The spirit of the team is fantastic, but the breadth of knowledge and expertise that they bring to the projects that they work on with us has been phenomenal. They take the time to explain to us all the parameters, all the details and what they’re using for compensation comparisons for example. So it helps to educate us and the board as whole on what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and why we're heading in certain directions. ”  

Joan Nelson - Chairperson

Coastal Federal Credit Union ($2.7B)

“I think the thing is their dedication to credit unions. I think that they have been so flexible in working with many organizations, I work with them with a sub board that I also belong to with a CUSO and the result is they just get the job done and they’re there when you need them.”  

Mark Gisi - Chairperson

Premier Members Credit Union ($885M)

“The SERP design we really like but the variable pay scorecard has really helped keep our senior team on driving the organization forward and really exceeding what the board sets for us for goals and things like that.”  

Alan Meyer - CEO

1st MidAmerica Credit Union ($670M)

“We turn to them first; they’re our go-to resource.” 

Tom Ryan, CEO

Langley Federal Credit Union ($2.1B)

“A force within our industry!” 

Harold Roundtree, CEO

UNCLE Credit Union ($327M)

“They hit it out of the park!” 

Tom Bolton, Board Member

Liberty First Credit Union ($204M)

“Worth the investment; the output that you get is unbelievable!” 

Lisa Whitaker, CEO

CFCU Community Credit Union ($974M)

“D. Hilton helped us get a foundation built.” 

Bill Smith, Board Secretary/Treasurer

Coastal Federal Credit Union ($2.6B)

“They spent a lot of time with us to understand what we’re trying to do, not only from a technical perspective, but a people fit perspective.” 

Patrick Miller, President/CEO

CBC Federal Credit Union ($440M)

“They brought to us the experience of hundreds, if not thousands of other jobs.” 

Ron Moorehead, President/CEO

First Financial Credit Union ($491M)

“Wide network, a lot of experience, vast knowledge.” 

John Sackett, Board Member

Royal Credit Union ($1.7B)


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