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Credit Union Board Governance Practices
Thursday, June 24, 2021 : 1:00 PM CST
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Join us for another opportunity to hear about board governance practices! For those who missed our session on June 10th we are hosting this webinar a second time.

Volunteers remain the heart and soul of the credit union industry. However, COVID-19 forced many credit unions to radically change how boards govern and caused many organizations to assess the board member’s role in the new normal. During the last 60 days, D. Hilton surveyed more than 2,000 credit unions to explore the evolution of the board member. Please join us as we discuss our Board Survey results and strategies to ensure strong board leadership. The webinar will highlight the following areas:

  • Today’s board make-up (demographics and competencies)
  • The latest volunteer compensation trends in state-chartered credit unions
  • The prevalence of advisory, associate, and emeritus programs
  • Creating accountability through self-assessments vs. team assessments
  • How Boards are tackling DEI issues to create the board of the future

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