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Challenges of Serving SEGs during COVID-19
September 30, 2020 at 1 pm CST
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As a result of the pandemic, D. Hilton has embarked on many research initiatives to gather data on how credit unions are dealing with today’s challenges.

While all credit unions have made significant changes to meet the needs of their members, we have seen unique challenges for those credit unions that serve select employer groups. For many of them, their SEG facilities have closed or employee access is even more limited than before the pandemic. This webinar will focus on the different ways credit unions are approaching their relationships with SEGs and how they are reacting to the effects an employer’s stability has on their membership.

In addition, we will have guest presenters from BCU, a credit union well known for its commitment to its many large employer groups, to share how they have approached the unique circumstances of their different SEGs as a result of the pandemic.

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