Brian J. Kidwell

Brian J. Kidwell, Executive Vice President: Brian Kidwell is an Executive Vice President and is a thought leader across the organization. His specialties include executive succession planning, 457(f) SERP design and maintenance, executive recruiting analytics, compensation and benefits analysis, qualitative and quantitative research, organizational assessment and strategic planning. Kidwell is responsible for the development of D. Hilton’s Member Migration Model – an exclusive research tool used for customer segmentation, behavior analysis and lifetime value. Prior to joining D. Hilton, Kidwell worked as a consultant focusing on consumer behavior business strategy.   Kidwell holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management from Texas Tech University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Texas State University. Kidwell is also a published author in major consumer research journals and trade publications.  

Brian Kidwell
Executive Vice President,
Strategic Services
(800) 367-0433 ext. 125

D. Hilton Associates, Inc



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