Strategic Services

Member, Non-member and Community Research

Credit unions pride themselves on providing exemplary customer service to their members and D. Hilton Associates has assisted credit unions in measuring member satisfaction and loyalty for over 30 years. We understand the data needs of credit unions and have constructed proven methodologies to deliver actionable recommendations. All of our research products are customized to the credit union’s needs and the methodology utilized is unique to each client. Our research services include:


  • Member Satisfaction and Loyalty Surveys
  • Non-Member Brand Awareness and Market Penetration Studies
  • Focus Group Development
  • Branch Performance Studies
  • Brand Assessment
  • Performance Statistics for Management Incentive Plans
  • Market Share Analysis and MCIF Analytics
Board Survey Report

Merger Facilitation

Spreading expense over a larger number of customers helps make today’s heightened product and service expectations more affordable. Consequently, many credit unions are combining forces through mergers. As the intermediary, D. Hilton Associates assists both credit unions wishing to acquire other organizations, and those credit unions wishing to be acquired, by finding a merger partner that provides the most benefit to its customers.


Our experienced staff streamlines the merger process for your credit union by handling many of the most time-consuming challenges. We’ll conduct the research and prepare clear and concise documentation showing you the benefits of the merger. We also provide support for communicating relevant information to various credit union stakeholders, and serve as a neutral third party to assist in the negotiation of difficult merger issues. Our merger services include:


  • Merger Partner Negotiation
  • Merger Application Development and Submission
  • Merger Partner Due Diligence Analysis
  • Contract Evaluation
Valorie Green, Chairperson & Michael Balls, Board Member - Wanigas CU
Merger Facilitation
10 Steps to Successful Credit Union Mergers

Strategic Planning

D. Hilton Associates’ extensive background in the financial services industry has revealed to us that the vast majority of credit unions need to evolve their planning processes, systems and people in order to best serve the credit union’s membership.

D. Hilton Associates’ proven strategic planning model develops an unbiased case for current and future product lines, delivery channels and brand positioning based on sound business principles. Each strategic planning project will address particular subjects related directly to the credit union’s need. The potential areas the strategic planning model can explore are:

  • Vision versus Mission Clarification
  • Delivery Systems Assessment (Current Assessment Versus Future Need)
  • Marketing/Brand Expansion (Assessment of Current Brand)
  • Product Line Strengths and Weaknesses (Identifying New Income Opportunities)
  • Human Resources Assessment Relative to Sales and Service Initiatives
  • Financial Health Assessment and What-If Modeling Projections
Bill Crane - CAO CFCU Community CU
Strategic Planning