Our Company

David M. Hilton, Ph.D., founded D. Hilton Associates, Inc. in 1985 after serving as a successful credit union executive in the New York and New Jersey area. The credit union industry embraced Hilton’s unique perspective on Board/CEO dynamics as a predictor of long-term organizational success. He developed groundbreaking recruiting strategies that focused on understanding and appreciating a Board’s governance model and a credit union’s unique culture before identifying potential candidates. The work proved immediately successful as Inc. Magazine recognized D. Hilton as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the nation early in the firm’s existence.

D. Hilton demonstrates its ability to meet the demands of a changing marketplace every day. When members’ expectations shifted – when legislators mandated fundamental changes to our business – when the labor pool tightened – we were first to market with practical solutions. D. Hilton was the first credit union consulting firm to offer sole-source executive recruiting, custom procedure manuals and a job point factor method for pay administration. D. Hilton undertakes four compensation and benefits research initiatives annually. D. Hilton was also the first to assist credit unions in the custom design and implementation of pay-for-performance executive variable pay plans.

D. Hilton is a closely-held private company, with no third-party investors. To maintain our autonomy, we do not seek or pay for endorsements, alliances or joint marketing agreements from third -parties, such as trade associations (e.g., NAFCU, CUES, etc.) or other vendors that sell products and services to credit unions. D. Hilton does not have ownership in any other company that provides products and services to credit unions (e.g., core system vendors, overdraft protection vendors, regulatory services, accounting firms, etc.). This ensures that our recommendations are unbiased, without regard to outside pressure or influences. D. Hilton’s objective is to provide your credit union with the human resources solutions you need to ensure continued success and to meet the ever-changing needs of your members.

D. Hilton Associates, Inc