Compensation Services

Executive Compensation & Benefit Plan Design

D. Hilton helps credit unions provide a market-competitive total cash compensation package for its chief executive and senior managers according to Board objectives. D. Hilton ensures that executive compensation is reasonable and defensible and that it aligns with the Board’s strategic vision for the credit union.


The Executive Compensation Plan Design allows D. Hilton to closely examine the credit union’s executive compensation philosophy, base salary, retirement program, incentive payouts, and
executive benefits and perquisites.


 D. Hilton also offers additional services that stem from successfully managed executive compensation programs:
  • Review or development of an executive compensation philosophy for the credit union
  • Peer group market analysis for President/CEO and direct reports
  • Executive Performance Metrics and Balanced Scorecards
  • SERP Design


Key Issues for Executive Compensation

Staff Salary Administration Program Reviews

The most valuable asset that a credit union has is its employees. D. Hilton is committed to helping credit unions find a reasonable balance between paying fairly and equitably in the competitive market for talent of all levels and maintaining responsible fiscal accountability of pay budgets. Thus, D. Hilton offers Staff Salary Administration Program reviews to assess the total rewards program for its non-executive employees.


D. Hilton’s core comprehensive Salary Administration Program Review is a 90-day, multi-phase project that culminates with:

  • Review or development of the staff compensation philosophy for the credit union
  • Comparisons using real-time, cross-industry market analysis of base salaries and wages and a snapshot of available total cash incentives
  • Merit increase and pay adjustment modeling
  • Development or adjustment of the credit union’s pay structure
  • Cost impact analyses for each individual employee in the credit union
  • Prevalence trend analyses of staff benefits, including health, dental, life, leave, and voluntary benefits
  • Review and support for pay administrative procedures
  • Additional complimentary market pricing support for the year following implementation
  • Complimentary subject whitepapers


D. Hilton also offers ancillary services to further strengthen the credit union’s strategy for managing staff compensation:

  • Employee Opinion Surveys (climate surveys)
  • Benefits Reviews
  • Job Description Compliance Reviews
  • FLSA Classification Reviews
  • Employee Handbook Guidance and Evaluation
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Staff Salary Administration Program Reviews
Compensation Surveys: Things They Won’t Tell You

Variable Pay & Sales Plan Design

Many credit unions can attest to the success of incenting employees to push beyond strategic goals in order to make the credit union shine in terms of sales and service. D. Hilton can guide the credit union in designing and implementing a custom incentive plan for all levels of employees.


Variable Pay and Sales Plan Design services from D. Hilton include the planning, dialoguing, costing, documenting, and presentation of partial- and full-scale variable pay programs for the overall corporate structure and/or individual business-units.


Designed plans intend to support the credit union’s vision, satisfy members, and distinguish top performing employees and/or groups of employees. Most importantly, because D. Hilton designs the plan with input from area managers and uses existing financial metrics, the plan has management buy-in and the plans are self-funding.
Variable Pay & Sales Plan Design Video
Variable Pay & Sales Plan Design