Board Leadership


Helping boards of directors gain a greater understanding of the credit union’s needs and how to meet those needs requires development of skills and teamwork among the board of directors. D. Hilton Associates works to facilitate this process with the following services:

  • Board Governance services focus on assessing board composition, procedures and effectiveness as well as member roles and responsibilities.
  • Director Evaluation programs include both self and group assessments to identify behaviors and other factors that may impact board effectiveness.
  • Director Education provides valuable opportunities for directors to enhance the volunteer experience with educational workshops that cover mission alignment, setting limitations, managing the body of leadership and more.
  • Our CEO Evaluation/Incentive services are backed by data that ensures your credit union’s highest leaders are compensated in accordance to their performance and in a manner that is truly industry-competitive.
Rich Cummins - Board Member - HAPO Community Credit Union


D. Hilton Associates offers credit union boards the resources, expertise, and time needed to develop and execute strategies for success.

  • Our Strategic Planning services present an unbiased case for current and future product lines, delivery channels and brand positioning based on sound business principles and a thorough assessment of the credit union and its financial health.
  • Merger facilitation – including partner prospecting, application management, due diligence analysis and contract evaluation – help credit unions join forces to better compete and exceed members’ product and service expectations while spreading expense over a larger member base.
Lisa Whitaker - President/CEO CFCU Community CU


Smoothly transitioning from one leadership dynamic to another is the best way to ensure your credit union continues on its course to success.  Our robust succession services include:

  • Succession planning that incorporates measured steps to prepare a comprehensive job description and ideal candidate profile, a detailed candidate screening, selection and transition strategy, compensation plan development and a succession plan document.
  • New Board Member/Advisor Vetting that uses an intense and rigorous multi-step process to identify, select, screen and ultimately present only the most capable and qualified candidates.
  • Our Director Compensation program development ensures, for leaders who receive compensation for their services, that compensation provided is justifiable, enticing and competitive.


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