Career Listings

  • President/Chief Executive Officer

    CENTRA Credit Union
    Columbus, Indiana
    $1.3 Billion

  • President/Chief Executive Officer

    Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU)
    Brea, California
    $966 Million

  • President/Chief Executive Officer

    West Community Credit Union
    O’Fallon, Missouri
    $165 Million

  • President/Chief Executive Officer

    Greylock Federal Credit Union
    Pittsfield, Massachusetts
    $1.1 Billion

  • Chief Financial Officer

    Educators Credit Union
    Racine, Wisconsin
    $1.6 Billion

  • Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

    Partners Federal Credit Union
    Orlando, Florida
    $1.3 Billion

  • Vice President, Marketing

    East Idaho Credit Union
    Idaho Falls, Idaho
    $255 Million

  • Vice President, Compliance

    Altura Credit Union
    Riverside, California
    $1.15 Billion

  • Chief Financial Officer

    Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU)
    Brea, California
    $966 Million

  • Vice President of Marketing

    Langley Federal Credit Union
    Newport News, Virginia
    $2 Billion

  • Information Security Officer/Risk Manager

    Southeast Financial Credit Union
    Franklin, Tennessee
    $450 Million

  • Vice President of Commercial Lending and Business Services

    Scott Credit Union
    Edwardsville, Illinois
    $1.1 Billion

  • Senior Vice President of Technology

    Ent Federal Credit Union
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    $4.2 Billion

  • Senior Vice President Human Resources

    Mountain America Credit Union
    West Jordan, Utah
    $4.5 Billion

  • Senior Vice President Innovation and Information Technology

    Seven Seventeen Credit Union
    Warren, Ohio
    $860 Million

  • Mortgage Loan Underwriter

    Bay Federal Credit Union
    Capitola, California
    $752 Million

  • Chief Credit Officer

    Member One Federal Credit Union
    Roanoke, Virginia
    $710 Million

  • Mortgage Manager

    Texell Credit Union
    Temple, Texas
    $260 Million

  • VP of Finance and Risk Management

    University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union
    Lexington, Kentucky
    $581 Million

  • Chief Credit Officer

    Grow Financial Federal Credit Union
    Tampa, Florida
    $2.1 Billion

  • Compliance Officer

    San Diego County Credit Union
    San Diego, California
    $6.9 Billion

  • Executive Vice President

    Red River Credit Union
    Texarkana, Texas
    $700 Million

  • Marketing Manager

    Kinetic Credit Union
    Columbus, Georgia
    $295 Million

  • Executive Vice President, Sales & Lending

    Desert Schools Federal Credit Union
    Phoenix, Arizona
    $3.7 Billion

  • Mortgage Lending Product Management Director

    First Technology Federal Credit Union
    Beaverton, Oregon
    $7.7 Billion

  • Vice President Lending

    Fresno County Federal Credit Union
    Fresno, California
    $593 Million